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Intuition & Trust


The Six Sense, belly check, gut instinct, a sense of just “knowing”….these are all explanations that we can call intuition. There seems to be a healthy skepticism of intuition in westernized culture. This is partly driven by an enormous amount of meta-data flying around leading us to believe we can parse truths from seen or known data sets. We have a real problem with things that we can’t see and touch and always the word “why” or “how” bubbles up. Humans have a real need to know. The brain is stamped by thought and experience creating impressions in the brain. Intuition collects and harmonizes these impressions and spits out cognition or leanings toward one side or the other. Intuition is a powerful tool because of the enormous amount of information that the brain synthesizes to gain an intuitive thought about this or that. Your gut instinct will be stunted if you’re living in a constant state of mental turbulence. The unconscious mind can’t pass on good “intel” through some invisible barrier into the conscious mind. If the conscious mind is churning with thought and emotion, we won’t process the intuitive notions. We leave so much on the table by not slowing the brain down.

Yogi C