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Christian Allaire Land & Sea was born in 2007 as a documentary tool to chronicle an attempted circumnavigation of the world aboard my sailboat, a Westsail32 named Christa. This website is  the single sutra that weaves its way through my life. I use it as a creative outlet and personal history project. It is deep within humans to explore, document and feel they’ve added significance to the world and life.  Social media platforms will come and go, but this cyberspace parking spot is all mine. The hub of my online life. I truly hope to Live a Great Story and tell it here.

By the By I didn’t make it around the planet, but I did manage to have some grand adventures and met some terrific people during my 3 years plus of full time sailing. You can backtrack into the archives by clicking here to read all about the trip. This website continues to be my focal point for content that interests me, things I create and to dispatch information I like. To get a little more familiar with who I am click here or surf over the About Christian Section. Please visit often and comment liberally!

I also maintain christianallaireyoga.com which is centric to my yoga business.