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Christian Allaire Video Log (Vlog)

It was back in the day………When I took off on my sailing journey in 2006, youtube was really in its infancy. GoPro cameras had not been invented yet. I did have a badass little Flip camera¬†which was bought out by Cisco and then poof it went away. Anyway, I did record some pretty cool video. You can see all my videos on my Youtube channel and please subscribe! Link here.

On May 20th, 2017 I hit the road, moving from San Francisco Bay area to Los Angeles. I’m taking quite the circuitous route and plan on vlogging + blogging my way.

I’ve upgraded my photo equipment and had a DJI Mavic drone delivered yesterday. Please enjoy my first vlog and stay tuned!

Yogi C

Moving to Los Angeles

Hi Gang,

I am pleased to announce that I will be pursuing my passion of yoga teaching to a whole new level. Please read my acceptance letter to Loyola Marymount University below……and follow my 3 month camping trip across the United States on this blog commencing May 21st, 2017.

Loyola Marymount University

Adventures Along Big Sur



Above the clouds in Big Sur

Well……things did not go so swimmingly on this adventure along California’s Big Sur coast. I was warned to buy the crash bars for the bike. I screwed this one all up. Coast road near the infamous Bixby Bridge heads rather far inland, and in spots the road gets steep. I’m still a rookie manuevering such a big bike. I simply lost my balance and I was trying to up hill in 1st gear. The weight of the bike punctured the valve covers.

The weather was hot hot hot! Not long after I started to panic about walking the 12 or 13 miles out to Highway 1, a lovely family came along in their 4×4 and gave me a lift back to my campground.

I give BMW’s free towing service rave reviews. They didn’t bat an eye about setting up a tow truck with the capacity to get to me on a private road. The tow company came all the way from San Jose and arrived within 4 hours.

What a day. I road with the tow truck driver to the BMW dealer in San Jose, took an Uber to the airport and rented a car. Was back in babies arms by 10pm.

Yogi C


Dumped the bike & puntured the value cover


Along the road in Big Sur

Getting towed out of the hills of Big Sur



Kentfield, CA


With the purchase of the GS R 1200, it became imperative to get out on the road and stretch her legs. First impressions of this bike is simply amazing. I am comparing my experience to what it felt like riding the GS F 700 I traded in. The 1200 is so smooth and refined. The Gear Assist Shift Pro gizmo that allows the rider to shift while accelerating without the clutch is a really cool feature. Also, the cruise control just works. Easy breezy on the highway at 80 mph. All of these features, the bikes size ect……all add up to a bike that is much more comfortable, and in my mind feels much safer than the GS F 700.

Olema CG

Olema Campground Site 336

So, I lite out on a Saturday afternoon after teaching my 11am yoga class. (remember my yoga website is I was the Memorial Day weekend, so everything was pretty packed. I stayed the first night in Olema Campground in Olema, California which is just outside of one of my favorite places, Point Reyes Station, CA. The campground was crammed with the Memorial Day weekend crowds. The cool evening fog rolled in after sundown from the pacific ocean, which made the morning beautifully dew drop laden.


Coloma, California (temp a balmy 102)

After a sound nights sleep I cruised into PR Station for some breakfast and hit the highway. Rolling out through Nicasio Reservoir, a stunning place to visit in its own right, I headed onto Lucas Valley Road, to 101, to Highway 37, to Route 80 and dashed off to Highway 50 in Sacramento. I could barely wipe the smile off my face. The heat was on! Sacramento is usually an oven anyway this time of year, but heading into the Sierra Foothills it was scorching. Passing through Placerville I hooked a turn north onto Highway 49 toward Colomo, California. This awesome little town along the south fork of the American River has had a significant impact on California and the nation. It is where gold was discovered in 1848, which triggered the gold rush and the whole 49’s rush. Pretty cool!

Point Reyes B&W

Point Reyes B&W

I made camp at the American River Resort sitting right on the south fork of the American River. It was the Sunday before Memorial Day and of course crammed with tons of activity. I set up shop in camp site #61 and was happy as a clam. As a side note, one of the things that made this trip so pleasant was the fact I was cut off most of the time from cell coverage and or internet usage. It decompresses the nervous system to be cut off like that.

Coloma B&W

Campsite @ American River Resort

American River B&W

American River B&W




The next morning, Memorial Day, the crowds started to pack up. Blessed as I am, I had the entire day to go riding! I stocked my system with coffee and heading out for Placerville. After a hardy breakfast at Mel’s Diner, turned east onto Highway 50 for Lake Tahoe.

On the way to Tahoe

On the way to Tahoe

Traffic proceeding out of the region toward Sacramento and San Francisco was sluggish even at 10am. I on the other hand had the road into South Lake Tahoe all to myself. I headed up the west shore of Lake Tahoe, passed the always stunning Emerald Bay.

From Highway 50

From Highway 50

Heading back toward my campsite required a 2 hour jaunt on Route 80 toward Auburn, which was bumper to bumper. I had to lane split most of the time. Lane splitting is a-lot of mental energy. I arrived back at my campsite and a nearly completely empty resort. Just the sounds of nature greeted me for the entire day. I slept like the dead, and headed out to Sacramento the next day to meet up with my girlfriend for a family function and then a night time ride back home.

Lake Tahoe from Tahoe City

Lake Tahoe from Tahoe City

Ahhhhhhhh…..what a trip! Please feel free to comment or get in touch with me.


Yogi C






BMW GS R 1200

I purchased my BMW GS F700 in August of 2014. She was a sweet bike. I got inspired after watching the documentary “The Long Way Around” with Charlie Boorman and Ewan Mcgregor. I started to realize that the smaller bike was more difficult to ride.

Last week I traded in the 2014 for the 2016 BMW GS R 1200. What a machine! I plan on traveling long-distances. In my next dispatch, I will post some pictures and commentary from my 4 day swing though NorCal.


image image



Intuition & Trust


The Six Sense, belly check, gut instinct, a sense of just “knowing”….these are all explanations that we can call intuition. There seems to be a healthy skepticism of intuition in westernized culture. This is partly driven by an enormous amount of meta-data flying around leading us to believe we can parse truths from seen or known data sets. We have a real problem with things that we can’t see and touch and always the word “why” or “how” bubbles up. Humans have a real need to know. The brain is stamped by thought and experience creating impressions in the brain. Intuition collects and harmonizes these impressions and spits out cognition or leanings toward one side or the other. Intuition is a powerful tool because of the enormous amount of information that the brain synthesizes to gain an intuitive thought about this or that. Your gut instinct will be stunted if you’re living in a constant state of mental turbulence. The unconscious mind can’t pass on good “intel” through some invisible barrier into the conscious mind. If the conscious mind is churning with thought and emotion, we won’t process the intuitive notions. We leave so much on the table by not slowing the brain down.

Yogi C