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This is a hand stand floating down in a controlled manner to chaturanga dandasana. A person can have all the strength in the world, but without the ability to stabilize the musculature a practitioner is left dead in the water. Think the olympic rings comptetition. The perfect marriage of strength and core stabilization.

Yogi C


Death Valley on a BMW GS F700

Dear Reader,

I took a week motorcycle trip from San Francisco to Death Vally and had a terrific time. During March the temperatures are in the 80’s and low 90’s was a beautiful experience and the terrain exceeded my expectations.





Entrance to Titus Canyon

Teaching Yoga to High School Kids

January 23rd, 2015

My friend Jessica invites me each year to teach two or three classes to her High School sophomores. It really is a treat to show the students what yoga is all about. Most have never practiced and find it quite the challenge. I’m always struck at how locked up teenagers muscles are. They have limited flexibility no doubt. Below is a picture right before class!

Teaching Yoga San Rafael HS



Dominican U Commencement 2011, Dominican U Commencement 2011

August 28th, 2014

San Rafael, CA

This past weekend I started my 1 year intensive MBA program at Dominican University of California. My program concentration will be in Strategic Leadership. The weekend was dubbed “MBA Bootcamp”, a three day 12 to 14 hour immersion into the program. It was terrific!

MBA Team Building exercise

MBA Team Building exercise

The weekend included meeting the 40 or so other students in my class, some of the faculty, lectures, team building, consulting for local business owners and finally a nice dinner. Mission accomplished.


MBA Core Subjects

MBA 5400 Organizational Behavior and Executive Business Communications 3

MBA 5401 Accounting for Decision Making 3

MBA 5402 Marketing for Value Creation 3

MBA 5403 Global Supply Chain and Sustainable Operations 3

MBA 5404 Strategic Leadership for Organizational Performance 3

MBA 5405 Global Business Environment 3

MBA 5406 Managerial Finance 3

MBA 5407 Business Analytics and Marketing Research 3

MBA 5480 Capstone 3

MBA 5410 Global Consulting Practicum (with International trip) 4

Here is the curriculum for the Strategic Leadership concentration.

(All courses are 3 units)

  • MBA 5460 Building High Performance Teams
  • MBA 5461 Leader Driven Strategic Planning
  • MBA 5462 Consulting for Effective Leadership Change
  • MBA 5463 Leading and Growing Start-ups
  • MBA 5464 Innovative Organization Development Interventions

Total Strategic Leadership Concentration: 9 units
Total Dominican MBA with Strategic Leadership Concentration: 40 units 

I’ve some work to do!

There is some controversy and a little bit of confusion in my own head as to the prudence of spending the time to get an MBA. The money is none issue for me as I’m funded by the GI Bill (thank you very much!) I did have a couple of people that I greatly respect tell me the MBA is a waste of time and that managers are looking for people with experience. Conversely I’ve had other folks I’ve great admiration for tell me to do it.

Most of my research I did regarding the worthiness of an MBA swirls around the costs involved and how much debt a students starts a career buried in. Much of it also was jawboning around the “top MBA programs” versus the lower stature programs and the follow on salaries. None really addressed the question of the knowledge one gains studying business. The question I hear all the time is “what are you going to do with an MBA”? These would be same people who would post some philosophical piece on Facebook that says “The Journey’s the Thing.” Not everything is this world is utility.

My answer to the question is much the same as when folks asked me why I would pursue a Liberal Arts degree. I mean what the hell is a philosophy degree going to get you? The answer is very simple. A richer fuller life. Period. Knowledge for knowledges sake is the path to greater rewards. I think all business students should have a Liberal Arts degree.

It is absolutley true that to be a successful business person does not require a business degree. However, for my own personal circumstances and my desire to open my own business, a Masters in Business will expose me to tools and human capital that gives me a much greater chance of success. No matter what, getting an education is never a waste of time.

Check out the above video and you be the judge. Please let me know what you think?


Christian Allaire



August 18th, 2014

Gualala, California

Gualala Red Woods

Gualala Red Woods

Since buying my new BMW a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been eager to get out on the road and do some exploring. I had to wait for the rest of my gear before hitting the road. As an aside I bought a top of the line helmet, a Schuberth C3 Pro which is a german made helmet, and a Rev’it Levante riding jacket with all the bells and whistles.

Point Arena Lighthouse California

Point Arena Lighthouse California

I dusted off my camping gear and crammed it all aboard leaving my home in Marin County north bound to Mendocino County via the California coast. Dam if it wasn’t cold! I’m not a native of California, but please allow me a second to school you up on the local weather patterns.

The water off the coast is friggin freezing. The California Current flows southward from Alaska due to the coriolis effect caused by the rotation of the earth. It literally is a nutrient rich super highway that feeds an abundance of sea critters. Also through the process of upwelling cold water from the deep abysss  churn its way to the surface in a constant process. In terms of summer fog creating cooler temperatures, the fog rolls in from the ocean over land in the morning as the rising sun heats up the land. Warm air rises, and something has to fill its place—the foggy air that’s hanging out above the ocean.

On the bike, GoPro Hero 3

On the bike, GoPro Hero 3

The beauty of where I live is that micro climates abound. Leaving home on bike trip  day 1 I had morning temperatures in the 70’s. As I neared the coast the temp dropped to the 50’s and together with aforementioned fog it was downright chilly! I rolled north bound on highway 1 passing through Point Reyes Station, Tomales Bay and into Jenner California. The scenery is truly stunning especially from a motorcycle. Riding the bike adds such an additional joy compared to traversing in a car. The ability to pass slow moving cars with ease makes all the difference.

Point Arena Headlands

Point Arena Headlands

I checked into the Gualala Redwoods Campground in Gualala, California. I set up a base of operations from my tent. From Gualala I rode north to Point Arena via Old Stage Rd which runs along the ride line of the coastal mountains. Again weather being the driving factor. Just a mile or two inland drivers up the temperature by 10 degrees and sunshine instead of fog.

Point Arena Seascape

Point Arena Seascape

I was stunned pulling into the town of Point Arena. On the map it looked to be kind of substantial. What I find was a tiny town in significant decline. Boarded up houses, shuttered businesses. Frankly just depressing. I also stumbled upon an equally deteriorated cemetary which was pretty cool to check out. However, there was a really cool spot down by the Point Arena municipal pier.

Cathedral of Redwoods

Cathedral of Redwoods

Below is a picture of the Coast Guard House Inn which back during the U.S. Life Saving Service days was Station number 314. Read the great history and see some cool pics by clicking here.

U.S. Lifesaving Station Point Arena, California

U.S. Lifesaving Station Point Arena, California

There is a terrific little coffee shop, chowder house and an active commercial fishing operation. The smell of the tide permeates. What a cool little spot!

After spending two nights in Gualala it was time to ride home. And that’s what I did.


Christian Allaire




August 11th, 2014

Kentfield, California

A big hearty congratulations to the Burton family aboard the Wandering Dolphin! Yesterday they made landfall in Washington State after a 28 day passage from Hawaii. You can check  in with the Burtons at their blog by clicking here. They made a significant trip this year from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, through the Panama Canal, up the Central American Coast, leaping to Hawaii and finally aforementioned to their new homeport of Blaine Washington. Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.26.55 AMHere is a little history. The Burton’s like the Jansen’s took me in during my sailing journey. You know you just bond with some people. I spent the 2008 hurricane season with the Burton’s anchored in the south coast of Puerto Rico in a little town called Salinas. It’s so small that even Trip Advisor has zero reviews. This does not mean that there is no action in the town. I had more adventures, outright confusion and drama with the Burtons during our stay in Puerto Rico. In fact, Wandering Dolphin had to leave PR under duress involving a plastic chair (alleged) hucked at a disabled women. I bear witness to the scene! Such great memories! I bought a car (pictured below) while there and was dubbed a “CWC”…A cruiser with a car. A very significant perk for cruisers who need to stock up on supplies.

Car Puerto Rico

Car Puerto Rico

I could go on and on regarding the severe squalls and thunderstorms spawned by the tropical weather in that eventful hurricane season. Of course I’ve pushed on to greener pastures. Below is a video that the Burton’s filmed as I left Water Island in the USVI bound for the eastern carribean.

Wandering Dolphin as accomplished much and should be proud. Glad they are safe in the Pacific Northwest!


Christian Allaire

Below is a picture I told from my boat of Wandering Dolphin. We were neighbors for a long time!