Adventures Along Big Sur



Above the clouds in Big Sur

Well……things did not go so swimmingly on this adventure along California’s Big Sur coast. I was warned to buy the crash bars for the bike. I screwed this one all up. Coast road near the infamous Bixby Bridge heads rather far inland, and in spots the road gets steep. I’m still a rookie manuevering such a big bike. I simply lost my balance and I was trying to up hill in 1st gear. The weight of the bike punctured the valve covers.

The weather was hot hot hot! Not long after I started to panic about walking the 12 or 13 miles out to Highway 1, a lovely family came along in their 4×4 and gave me a lift back to my campground.

I give BMW’s free towing service rave reviews. They didn’t bat an eye about setting up a tow truck with the capacity to get to me on a private road. The tow company came all the way from San Jose and arrived within 4 hours.

What a day. I road with the tow truck driver to the BMW dealer in San Jose, took an Uber to the airport and rented a car. Was back in babies arms by 10pm.

Yogi C


Dumped the bike & puntured the value cover


Along the road in Big Sur

Getting towed out of the hills of Big Sur



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