August 11th, 2014

Kentfield, California

A big hearty congratulations to the Burton family aboard the Wandering Dolphin! Yesterday they made landfall in Washington State after a 28 day passage from Hawaii. You can check  in with the Burtons at their blog by clicking here. They made a significant trip this year from St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands, through the Panama Canal, up the Central American Coast, leaping to Hawaii and finally aforementioned to their new homeport of Blaine Washington. Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.26.55 AMHere is a little history. The Burton’s like the Jansen’s took me in during my sailing journey. You know you just bond with some people. I spent the 2008 hurricane season with the Burton’s anchored in the south coast of Puerto Rico in a little town called Salinas. It’s so small that even Trip Advisor has zero reviews. This does not mean that there is no action in the town. I had more adventures, outright confusion and drama with the Burtons during our stay in Puerto Rico. In fact, Wandering Dolphin had to leave PR under duress involving a plastic chair (alleged) hucked at a disabled women. I bear witness to the scene! Such great memories! I bought a car (pictured below) while there and was dubbed a “CWC”…A cruiser with a car. A very significant perk for cruisers who need to stock up on supplies.

Car Puerto Rico

Car Puerto Rico

I could go on and on regarding the severe squalls and thunderstorms spawned by the tropical weather in that eventful hurricane season. Of course I’ve pushed on to greener pastures. Below is a video that the Burton’s filmed as I left Water Island in the USVI bound for the eastern carribean.

Wandering Dolphin as accomplished much and should be proud. Glad they are safe in the Pacific Northwest!


Christian Allaire

Below is a picture I told from my boat of Wandering Dolphin. We were neighbors for a long time!


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