August 7th, 2014

Kentfield, California

I’ve always been plagued with the wander bug. The real question is the means to wander. I took the bold step (at least in my head) and purchased the below BMW. She is a beauty!

BMW GS F 700, Olema Valley, CA

BMW GS F 700, Olema Valley, CA

I have no immediate plans for a long-range type touring trip. Local wandering is the watch word. Local out west has a different definition than local on the east coast of the USA. The state of California is so huge I’ve an enormous playground to check out. Since I sold the boat I’ve been thinking about another way to ‘get away’ from daily life to experience nature. I considered an RV, but lack the ability to park an RV. As I wrote in a previous blog post, once checked out Ewan Mcgreggor and Charley Boorman’s BMW world adventure I knew this was the way I’d go.



A little about the bike. This is an Enduro style motorcycle which resembles a motocross type bike, but is tuned and tricked out for road riding. The BMW GS F800 Adventure, which is a step up from my bike is really geared for off road. That bike was to big for me. I was on my tippy toes when sitting on the bike. The GS F 700 fits me perfectly, has the same size engine as the GS F800 at 800cc’s pushing 75hp at max out-put, but is tuned a little differently.

SunsetPlease stay tuned for some great pictures and commentary from the road. I think the first bigger trip will be next weekend down the Big Sur coast of California.

SunsetHave a terrific day!


Christian Allaire


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