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The Personal Brand

The Personal Brand

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the improved Christian Allaire website which was recently moved to a WordPress plateform. My old blogger site that holds all of my blogging efforts since 2007 is still active. Please click here to check it out!

This has been a long-term project to transition my web presence to a clearner display. Maybe a metaphor for transitioning from the instability of long-term sailing and cruising? Who knows!

A blog should have a theme or a thread of some sort. I’m still struggling somewhat to figure out what that theme is for me. When I was primarily blogging while sailing the planet it was pretty straight forward chronicaling of my life afloat. Now that I’m on terra firma and I continue to evolve and grow this website will be an outgrowth of what I do and my musings on numerous topics. So a common thread? Maybe to try and live a great story and tell about it.

My life has changed so dramatically (for the better perhaps) since I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard in February of 2008. Since I generally stopped updating my activities on any regular schedule since I returned to California in 2010, I intend to revisit some things I’ve accomplished since.

Please enjoy! And subscribe!



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